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My first day at La Pedrera

Today was my first day to work with the children and director of La Pedrera. The children wanted me to help them with long division and multiplication.  I agreed to give them practice problems if they would work with me on English/Spanish "intercambio".  It is amazing.  This program is technically an after school program (more details to come).  Most of the children here were dedicated to working on home work that was self prescribed!!! Only a couple were goofing off.  The children of ages ranging from 4 to 19.  Today we had 17 kids.  sometimes there are more than 40.  The entire program is run by one woman named Teresa De Leon in a 12X12 two room (a second story addition was added last year to accommodate the donated computers). I will provide pictures in the coming days of the children and space along with other details.

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