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Join the Peasant Resistance in Guatemala

the flyer says.  I will be attending the meeting tonight if the rain lets up.  My teacher has warned me against attending this meeting, but I am going anyway.  I am not committing to marching down the central part of town, yet.  I just want to know what the situation is from the mouths of the people themselves.  Below is the rest of the flyer... The Guatemala Solidarity Project is looking for people to join our work in solidarity with various organizad peasant groups in the country.  We are organizing the following upcoming delegations, as well as other oppotunities. August 5 to 15, 2008: Organized Resistance versus Imperial Repression Join us as we walk in solidarity with the Committee for Peasant Unity (CUC) and other grassroots organizations working for social justice and peace in Guatemala.  We will visit numerous villages and organizations and examine how they have organized in the face of US backed repression, including soldiers trained by the School of the Americas, and recently passed Central American Free Trade Agreement, and mega-projects funded by the World Bank.  We will look to build long-tern solidarity with those we meet and explore ideas such as organizing to close the SOA, fundraising and pressuring the Guatemalan government to respect the land rights of peasant communities. October 7-17, 2008: Americas Social Forum From October 7 to 12 thousands of activists from throughout the Western Hemisphere will gather in Guatemala for the 3rd Social Forum of the Americas.  Join us in Guatemala City for the Social Forum events and them travel with us to the mountains of Quiche where we will meet with members of the Majawil Q��ij, an organization working for full rights and participation for Maya women.  Then we will stay in Nabaj and visit the community June 30 to learn about their struggle for survival and land. January 2009: Land Rights versus Development During this delegation we will visit various communities which are struggling to defend thier righs to their lands.  First we will visit Committee for Peasant Unity member Micxhbilrixpu, which has already been forcefully evicted by police and other state forces numerous times in recent years.  Then we will travel to the village of Xalala and learn about the struggle of thousands of farmers in the area to defend thier lands from the construction of a mega-hydroelectric dam supported by the Inter-American Development Bank. For more information: Or contact: info@ or Pablo at 5776-9239 Informal info sessions in Xela will be held at Cafe Blue Angel, 7 calle, 15-79 zona 1

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