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Fifth day at La Pedrera

Today I worked with Elsa and Carina on addtion and subtraction.  I also met a new student, Florita. Florita is 9 and in primero grado.  She has 5 brothers and 5 sisters. La Famila de Flory Christina 44 Jorge 45 Susana, 10 Leti, 15 Miguel, 14 To�o, 21 Angel, 21 Victor, 23 Sol, ? Christi, 4 Estella, 3 and she forgot the name of one of her sisters With Elsa, I worked on addition of single and double digit numbers. With Carina, I worked on addition and subtraction of double through 7 digit numbers. Wtih Flory, I worked on addition and subtraction of 4 through 7 digit numbers. It is incredible to me that these kids will ask me for more and more problems to solve and try to do it faster each time.  I taught Elsa how to use manipulatives to add and subtract numbers that were too big for her to do on her fingers.  It worked like magic.  It was as if they had never heard of an abacus before.  She was so excited to use crayons to solve the 50 problems that I made for her to solve. I really hope that I can get the university to back up a formal teaching and learning experience here.

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