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We humans have two great problems: the first is knowing when to begin; the second is knowing when to stop. ~ Paulo Coelho

Portfolio Planning Matrix Key

Use this key to determine which pieces included in this portfolio correspond to the competencies of the Texas State University PhD in Education Portfolio Planning Matrix.

Values Driven Leader

 V1 Clarify personal values, theories and goals   V2 Model and foster ethical and moral practice

 Life-Long Learner and Reflective Practice

 L1 Foster life-long learning in self
 L2 Facilitate professional growth for self
 L3 Engage in and foster reflective practice
 L4 Examine historical and philosophical foundations as well as contemporary issues in adult, professional and community education.
 L5 Examine philosophical, political, psychological, social and ethical foundation of school improvement

 Educational Leader and Change Agent who Applies Theory to Practice

 E1 Provide leadership to a learning organization
 E2 Facilitate the change process
 E3 Facilitate group development and group processes
 E4 Facilitate professional growth for others
 E5 Foster life-long learning in others
 E6 Apply epistimology and learning theory to practice
 E7 Apply principals and practices of adult teaching and learning
 E8 Facilitate human resource and professional development for learners in occupational, professional and volunteer roles
 E9 Plan and develop learning program responsive to human professional and community settings
 E10 Lead and manage the delivery of educational programs in post secondary, adult and community  settings
 E11 Facilitate school improvement efforts
 E12 Supervise curriculum and instructional improvement efforts
 E13 Access student learning and school performance

 Scholar who Contributes to the Field

 S1 Engage in scholarly research, writing and presentations

 Each piece included in this web-based portfolio demonstrates one or more of the above characteristics and goals in obvious ways which are clarified at the bottom of each page. 

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